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Saturn Maladies and Remedies [English]

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The book "Saturn : Maladies and Remedies" is a different kind of book on astrology. Its distinction lies in its being a practical guide book rather than a theoretical treatise. Its objective is to offer treatment rather than merely pronouncing diagnosis. Many human beings who suffer from the wrath of Saturn in their lives, continue to grope in the dark, not knowing how to overcome the spell of the profoundly mysterious Saturn, dreadfully known as Shani's Sadhe Sati or evil periods of Saturn. The above human condition can be surely improved upon by the panacea-like package of remedies offered in the book in the shape of Dashrath KM Shani Stotra, Shani Stavraj, Shani Bajrapanjar Kavach, Mahakal Shani Mrityunjaya Stotra, Shani Sahastranaam Stotra, Shani Ki Pataal Kriya, Hanumadvadvanal Stotra, Sankatmochan Hanumat Stotra, Hanuman Bahuk, Yantra Prayog, Shanivar Vrat Katha, a great remedy, Pashupatastra Device, Donation for Saturn as superb remedy and Remedies through 'Lal-Kitab' etc. The remedies of many kinds including the Vedic Mantras, classical stotras anusthan along with the remedies of Saturn through 'Lal Kitab' are presented here in their full splendour, with minute details and specifications as to how to put the remedy to the maximum benefits without inviting any harm. This book, brought out by the renowned duo in the field of astrology, Mrs. Mridula Trivedi and Mr. T.P. Trivedi is a culmination of their recent campaign to unravel the mysteris of Saturn through such books as 'Saturn : The King Maker', 'Secrets of Saturn', 'Reunderstanding Saturn'. Having dealt with both theoretical and diagnostic aspects on the wrath of Saturn, the way was paved for zeroing in the practical and remedial aspects of Saturn's wrath, which gets manifested in several maladies. The book is a must fora Saturn-afflicted person, who can find here a variety of remedies to choose from, according to the gravity of the malady personal aptitude and convenience.