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Saral Jyotish (Part 1) Astrology Simplified [English]

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Saral Jyotish Part - 1 Astrology Simplified By

VP Goel

Publisher: Sagar Publications

This book is written with the intent to help Astrology students and practitioners to ‘digest’ Astrology knowledge and deeply understand it and apply it in their daily practice. That is why, I have named this book, Saral Jyotish. I have simplified Vedic Astrology concepts into easy to understand chunks. For instance, Badhak, Kendradhipati Dosha and Pushkar Navamsha etc.

Fourteen fundamental principles of Astrology are defined, explored and explained. These 14 principles are based on century old classics. Their meaning has been understood in depth; meaning has been analyzed and then presented through simple to understand words and examples.

My belief is that these 14 principles are fundamental to making correct predictions. I hope that this book will sharpen the skills of beginner and professional Astrologers.

Saral Jyotish (Part - 1) Astrology Simplified by VP Goel in English

SARAL jyotish by V.P.GOEAL is it available

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