Rigved, Samved, Atharva Ved & Yajur Ved Samhita [Sanskrit] (4 Books Set)
Rigved, Samved, Atharva Ved & Yajur Ved Samhita [Sanskrit] (4 Books Set)
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Rigved, Samved, Atharva Ved & Yajur Ved Samhita [Sanskrit] (4 Books Set)

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Rigved, Samved, Atharva Ved & Yajur Ved Samhita [Sanskrit] (4 Books Set) By Swami Jagadishwaranand Saraswati

Publisher: Vijaykumar Govindram Hasanand

This 4-book set is a treasure trove of ancient Indian scriptures, presenting the foundational texts of Hinduism in their original Sanskrit form. Each book focuses on a specific Veda, offering a deep dive into its profound teachings, hymns, rituals, and spiritual insights:


  1. Rigveda: The Rigveda is the oldest and most revered of the Vedas, containing hymns dedicated to various deities, poetic praises, and invocations. It is a source of knowledge about ancient Indian culture, cosmology, and philosophy.

  2. Samaveda: Known for its musical and melodic quality, the Samaveda consists of chants and melodies meant to be sung during rituals. It complements the Rigveda, providing a musical and spiritual dimension to Vedic rituals.

  3. Atharvaveda: The Atharvaveda contains a diverse collection of hymns, spells, and incantations. It covers a wide range of subjects, including healing, magic, philosophy, and cosmology, offering a unique insight into the broader aspects of Vedic knowledge.

  4. Yajurveda: This Veda focuses on the procedures and rituals to be performed during sacrifices (yajnas). It provides the priestly instructions for performing these rituals, highlighting the importance of precise actions and proper pronunciation of mantras.


By studying these four Vedas in their original Sanskrit form, readers gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual, philosophical, and ritualistic aspects of Hinduism, connecting with the ancient wisdom that has shaped Indian culture for millennia. This set is a valuable resource for scholars, practitioners, and anyone interested in exploring the essence of Vedic knowledge.