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Remedies Orthodox Astrology
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Remedies Orthodox Astrology [English]

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Among thousands of cows a calf perceives its mom effectively. Similarly, all past deeds consistently pursue the practitioner. People worship different Gods for satisfaction of their wants. If there is a craving it needs attestation and adoring of divinities. Deductively, just the above shloka rises all the more unequivocally as Newtons third Law of motion. For each activity there is an equivalent and inverse response". In the event that there is another contrary activity, this response can go in to positive activity. Along these lines this book depends on orthodox solutions for sufferings that can broadly be investigated (not so far accessible) in the birth diagram classifying the planets as under: 1. Planets afflicting Bhava (Unique tool) 2. Planets as Bhavadhipati (Explicit nature) 3. Planets as different types of Karaka (and their shortcomings) 4. Planets with their portfolio as Dasha master (Unexplored Conventional Concept) 5. Planetary prides from Moon (Generalities) (propitiation to malefic planets during their periods will clear the negative effects and provide desirable results) The therapeutic estimates spread from wearing Gems Yantra, Roots with incorporated customs of Graha Puja, Graha Shanti, Graha Japa. Wearable planetary articles have essential procedure of Prana Pratishtapana to start the planetary vibe. At that point the reason customized to rework at subconsciousness through appropriate Sankalpa. The different exceptional worshipping processes reaffirm and fortify the vibrations that helps in lessening the pessimism and enable positive moves for cherished chances.