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Ramans 110 Year Ephemeris of Planetary Positions [English]

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The idea to bring out an Ephemeris covering not only our time but also the last decade of the last century, had persisted for a long time. However, it began to take concrete shape a decade ago largely due to the pressure brought to bear upon me by the innumerable readers of THE ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE and my other publications. Ephemerides published in foreign countries were available till about 10 years ago though at exhorbitant prices. Hence the need for a publication of this type became all the more necessary. It seemed highly desirable that an ephemeris capable of meeting the demands of astrological students and savents and those interested in the study of astrology all over the world irrespective of their preference — Sayana (tropical,) or Nirayana (Sidereal) — and reasonably accurate and easy to consult should be made available. RAMAN'S NINETY-YEAR EPHEMERIS covers a period of 90 years (1891 to 1980) so that the birth dates of most of the persons alive today are covered. The ephemeris covering the coming few years will be of much use to astrological practitioners for timing events on the basis of transits. In compiling this Ephemeris, no originality can be claimed. Full use has been made of astronomical facts, tables and mathematical results already computed by others. Acknowledgement courtesies are due to: Astriologische Ephemeriden, American Astrology Tables of Houses,' Baumgartner's Ephemeriden (1850-2000), Positions Planetaires (1840 to 2000), the Deutsche Ephemerides and Stallman's Solar and Plane-tary Longittuies for Years —2000 to +2000. This Ephemeris can be used universally, as planetary positions given are Sayana (tropical). Students of Hindu astrology will be able/ to use it not only for casting horoscopes according to the Nirayana sidereal) system but also for finding the thithi (lunar day), the nakahatra (constellation) and the yoga which are necessary elements of Hindu astrology.