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Pulippani Jothidam [English]

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Pulippani Jothidam (English)

The time of sage Pulippani is not clearly known. Same say he lived in 3000 Bc before the start of kali Yugs. Siddha  Pulippani and Pulippani  are one and the same person. The importance of Pulippani Jothidam is the way in which, most of the astrological principles have been explained in just 300 verses. People in Tamil Nadu still refer to this great  work when any such combinations as stated in the book are seen in a chart.

Some of the Yogas are very clearly explained such as Tharai Yoga which gives wealth and property like the summer rains that come with lightning and thunder. A very good explanation is available on the Raja yogas. The results arising out of conjunctions of planets have also been given elaborately, not found in most books. Next is the long list of Dhana yogas which are worth following. There is a section on Duryogas too. Certain horoscopes are blessed with the grace of God, combinations for such charts have been provided. The results on account of transit are worth reading. The final part is the results for each Mahadasa and its Antardasas.

The 5-7 aspects of Rahu and Ketu find mention in some works. Here Pulippani Jothidam is the only work which talks about the 3rd and 11th aspect of Rahu- Ketu. Over a period of 3 years we have found these 3, 11 aspects of Rahu-Ketu working very subtly.