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Principles of Astronomy & Mathematical Astrology [English]

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Essence of the Book

With the beginning of civilization, ambitions began to take shape in the mind of the human community which paved way for the aggrandizement of desire amongst the people to know about important future events of their lives. With the motive to satiate this desire, different systems of predictions came into existence in every civilization. The principles of astronomy began to advance gradually with significant help from Physics and Mathematics. In the existing scenario, astronomical and mathematical calculations are the main foundations of modern astrology. The horoscope of any native is cast on the basis of mathematical calculations of prevailing astronomical situations at time of birth.

The main purpose of writing this book is to make readers aware of the essential astronomical and mathematical calculations related to astrology. All the macro and micro principles of astrological astronomy and mathematics have been incorporated and enshrined within the framework of this book and the descriptions have been illustrated with examples. The beginning of the book describes the history of astrology and astronomy, related significant periods of time, related major developments and key contributions of contemporary prominent scholars in this field. The second chapter deals with the introduction of zodiac along with the main principles of astrology. In the third chapter, the theories related to the planets in the solar system, stars, constellations, satellites, meteors, meteorites etc. have been described and their relation with astrology has been explained. The fourth chapter describes the calculation of time in which the prevalent methods of time calculation from ancient to modern period have been explained along with their interrelationship. The fifth chapter describes the components of Panchanga which is principally used in the determination of Muhurta. In the same way, the various types of horoscopes in the sixth chapter, the method to cast horoscope in the seventh chapter, calculation of 16 divisional charts in the eighth chapter, Bhava & Chalit Kundli in the ninth chapter and the calculation of the most prominent Vimshottari Dasha system etc. in the tenth chapter have been dealt and explained in simple and vivid way.