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Predictive Series -1 Collectors Edition [English]

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Within this book is contained some of the rarest articles ever found on Predictive Astrology and some obscure concepts that have been hidden for centuries are presented here –more will follow. Western Astrology articles are also presented though less in number since we feel that astrology has no boundaries except mental. We can only say that so far, such a great collection of Masters in book format has never – been seen before and for decades this would remain a fantastic collection of masters of predictive astrology.

All articles are exceptional & some that would require re-reads& further research are ‘The CSP Arc’ ,’Bhrighu Chakra Paddathi’ a method of timing events without dasas or even transits, and articles of Mr. Ashok Upadhaya which have been written by “The Kid’. We are also proud to present the secret parampara  of Dr. Paresh Desai who uses only Sarvatobhadra chakra to make precise predictions without using dasas since the last so many decades, Jaimini Articles by the oldest Jaimini Scholar alive Shri, Iranganti Rangacharya & the Late Y. Krishna Rao who wrote his article for us after a gap of IIyears of not picking up a pen and died within  an hour of finishing this article on the 19th verse of Varahmihira which is a new exposition and  a complete system in timing events- only 2 examples are given on it and it has yet to be tested on many charts so, readers are requested to test it further.