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Prasna Tantra (Horary Astrology) [English]

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Horary astrology is the most important branch of the three divisions of the astrological science, the other two being Jataka (predictive astrology) and Muhurtha (electional astrology). It takes as the basis for predicting future events, the horoscope set for the moment a query is put. Horary has a further advantage over the judicial in the sense that the time of query is known accurately. In fact the time at which a query is put is the time of birth of the intention or desire in the mind of the querent and hence of great significance. The question must be seriously put if the answer is earnestly desired and if correct results are to be obtained. Any questions posed light-heartedly or with mischievous intention should be dismissed by the astrologer. Horary astrology is the art of perceiving the relation between the thought as it arises in the mind and the pattern of the heavens at the moment. This gives a clue for forecasting an event. Hence horary astrology is the most practical and useful branch of knowledge.

Prasna Tantra, an English translation of which is herewith presented, is a treatise on horary astrology, written by Neelakanta Daivagnya. According to some authorities, it is not an independent treatise, but a part of Neelakanta's larger work Tajaka Neelakanteeya, being the 3rd or last Tantra or division, the other two being Samgnatantra (preliminaries)