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Practical Remedial Measures (Based on Astrology) [English]

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The methods of Propitiations or Upayes for malefic planets in the birth chart have been explained in a simple ways, stand tested by the author. Readers should test them and feel the genuinity of the upayes. These upayes are based on scientific canons and not arbitrarily. The author is confident that readers will not be disappointed.

To pin point a upaye, one must have elementary knowledge of Astrology which has briefly been explained in first two chapters of this book.

To suggest a remedial measure for a malefic planet is not an easy job. It requires thorough scanning of horoscope, and transit of planets over the birth chart and knowing the specific problem, them capturing the mischief monger planet, the upaye of which will work in an effective way.

Upayes are not a bullet which will act immediately. If you do an upaye for 40-43 days, equal days time is required for fructification of the results. Readers are very impatient to have the results. Be patient dear readers!

Yantras act through cosmic rays but I assure you they work but systematically. To cite a solid tested example over hundreds case is that when a marriage of girl is delayed beyond marriageable age. Pin point the Karka for husband Mars (NOT JUPITER) and if afflicted, girl should do pooja “MARS YANTRA” for 41 days. Experience indicates that within 3 to 4 months, she gets a good match, Parents become impatient, that girl has done pooja and completed it today but nothing has happened. This thinking and attitude is not correct. Be patient and watch the results.