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Numerology, Gemology and Rudraksha [English]

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        Numerology as a science is as old as recorded history. It deals with the effect the vibrations of numbers and the effect our names have in influencing our destinies. Why do we need numerology over other branches of astrology? Simply because it is more precise and predictable than others. The Hindus had known the significance of zero and  link it with the immense void of the universe. They search God in this infinity. He is omnipresent, and represented as one. Numerology deals with numbers from 0 to 1. The heavenly bodies and life on earth are intimately interlinked. This forms the basis of this very productive and precise science.

     "Do the stars govern us"? Yes they do. The sun is the pivot of the entire universe, including the planets that surround us. Each planet governs a number as well as a zodiac sign. Numbers have a order. Their functions are linked to a definite rhythm.

    Our body is composed of cosmic radiations and seven colours. Gems generate cosmic radiations as well as vibrant colours. They can thus enhance the quality of our lives whenever our energies are depleted because we are not absorbing sufficient radiations. The entire creative world depends on light, rhythmic motion and colour. Both colours and gems can heal a wide range of illness. They can also considerably improve our destinies by nullifying the effect of malefic planets and by concentrating the energies of friendly ones. Colours heal by molecular reactions. Light heals by emanating different rays. All gems and stones have magnetic powers. They create strong energy fields in our bodies.

    The Shiv Puran, the Ling Puran and the Padam Puran talk about the magical qualities of Rudraksha. It is a gift from Bhagwan Shiva. It eliminates wordly sorrows and provides spiritual and intellectual growth. It cures many illnesses and provides enormous peace. Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth resides where Rudraksha is prayed. It awakens Kundalini and can even provide Moksha (freedom from rebirth)