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New Marvels of Nadi Astrology [English]

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Saptarishis Publication Presents a masterpiece 'New Marvels Of Nadi Astrology' by 'Jitendra Trivedi' which is a must read for a passionate explorer and student of Astrology. In this book, the author has clearly brought out the basics of Nadi and its ease of application.Most of his examples are taken from persons he has met personally and has watched their progress. His inclusion of Sun, Jupiter and Mars as self factor for males and Venus, Moon for females is a novelty. It has really brought home the finer points from different perspectives. While this approach has its positives, it limits the readings in terms of one’s relative. I was made aware of several Yogas which hitherto remained unknown to me.

His longevity technique is unique and one of its kind. He has also managed to seamlessly blend Nadi and Parasari systems with ease. There is plenty more to come from his stables very soon. This is just the beginning and will prove to be an excellent book for people wanting to know the basics of Nadi and its practical applicability. He has covered the entire lifecycle of an individual from womb to tomb and has given techniques to understand, predict, and time various aspects of one’s life. I am given to understand that in several areas, he is doing extensive research and will delight us soon with his findings. I am positive that this book will prove to be a handbook for people trying to understand and probe deeper into Nadi. I am sure that the readers will enjoy the straight-to-the-point style of writing. He does not waste his breath on needless meanderings and hones in on the essence very rapidly and with effortless ease. I take this opportunity to wish him a successful future and urge him to bring forth the findings of his research as a sequel to this book very soon.