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Naadi Astrology Transit Secrets [English]

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This is the book based on the works of Guruji Sri R.G. Rao in general and specifically an extended version of Transit results of Rao's System of Naadi Astrology. This Book is structured :

  1. Rules of Transits in Rao's System of Naadi Astrology .
  2. Fast moving planets results in Transit .
  3. Primary transit of four slow Moving planets- With Sanskrit Prose and detailed results in English .
  4. In the Primary transit Link of Natal Destiny Breakers and linking of other Natal Planets for important life events.
  5. Simultaneous transit of other fast moving planets. Noting down the results of slow moving planets and Fast moving planets on individual Natal planets and then note the results of combination of Primary planets Natal Destiny and other planets for events of life and then also read the Simultaneous transit of other fast moving planets. Total will give wide range of results that would be easy for an Astrologer to delineate appropriate results. This book is dedicated to Guruji Sri R.G. Rao.