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Mundane Astrology [English]

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Just As a navigator charts his course by the stars on the sea, so does an Astrologer in world affairs. The reader knows that these chartings are so often accurate that they cannot be just so many clever guesses. The pin-pointing of locale, and time of major events simply cannot be the result of successful guesswork. Hence to the merely curious and those who desire some advance information about world trends in planning their own activities, Astrology is an indispensable task force, plotting and charting times and places where the confluence of stellar energies is most likely to erupt in action,either planned and deliberate or sporadic and erratic.

Mundane Astrology is a difficult subject, seeing that every Country, District, Town or City is under a different Zodiacal influence. If this particular influence were known, it would be very interesting and easy matter to forecast the fate of any place.

Our lack of knowledge of the exact place or locality governed by each degree of the Zodiac is the cause of the many failures in the predictions relating to Mundane Events.