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Muhurta Prakaran [English]

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Muhurta Prakarana

(Consult for election of auspicious day)

The author with her experience of teaching muhurta to astrology classes conducted by Delhi Chapter-1 of the Indian Council of Astrological sciences has aimed at simplifying the subject.

The following points have been specifically dealt with in the book keeping in view the syllabus of ICAS and also the need of the modern scientific times.

  1. Oath taking: Guidance for prime minister, president, ministers, governors, etc. for enjoying stability in their charge.
  2. To start the work : To open a shop, start a factory etc. in the modern complexity of life.
  3. To purchase a vehicle: Complete guidance to avail the best opportunity.
  4. Marriage: Today marital happiness has become a scarcity. The ego, intolerance, outside interference and greed have posed a threat. The book providers complete guidance for marital happiness.
  5. Entry into a new house: From starting construction work to entry into the new house needs a proper guidance. The book can give you a proper muhurta.

After reading the book, the election of any muhurta will become very simple.