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Methodology For Handling Astrological Queries
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Methodology for Handling Astrological Queries [English]

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As is evident from the name of the book, the book empowers the readers for handling astrological questions and giving suitable advice. The book includes the Predictive techniques and the background, how these predictive techniques were developed for precise, fast and dependable astrological advice. On the back cover you will find the narration of a prediction made more than an year in advance regarding the election of US President. This prediction was made when Mr. Donald Trump had not even been chosen as the official nominee of the Republican party. We want to share prediction techniques and the methodology for analysis of planetary influences.


Salient features
Understanding planets in malefic houses, Combust planets, Debilitation of planets, Conjunction of Planets, Making Predictions, Divisional charts, Ascendant-wise important aspects and Diverse Case Studies for making learning of handling Queries easy.