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Mantreswara's Phala Deepika [English]

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About the Book Phaladeepika is a treatise on Vedic Astrology written by Sage Mantreshwara in lyrical Sanskrit comprising 28 chapters. It holds a very high position amongst classical scriptures. It describes all astrological aspects in comprehensive and systematic manner. It has also gained its significance due to the fact that Sage Mantreshwara has not only taken the essence of earlier writings of Sage Parashar, Sage Atri and others, but also has added new concepts. Phaladeepika is undoubtedly a mandatory scripture for all astrologers.

1 "Dr. Agarwal has worked tirelessly and has put great emphasis on accurate translation of Shlokas, simplicity of language, well structured presentation of texts and yogas as well as explanation of concepts through numerous examples. Thus, although few other works on Phaladeepika are also available, I am sure that this work of Dr. Agarwal will set new standards. His work will not only help the beginners in Astrology, but also the established astrologers and researchers." Rakesh Kumar, Agarwal Publishers.  Phal Deepika