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Love in the Palm of Your Hand [English]

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Love in the Palm of Your Hand [English] by

Ghanshyam Singh Birla

Publisher: Destiny Books

The lines of our palms act as continuous printouts of our experiences, thoughts, and emotions. For over 4,000 years the Vedic science of morphology known as Samudrik Shastra, the "ocean of knowledge," has studied these printouts, developing an unparalleled ability to interpret them. Thought of as only a tool for predicting the future, palmistry is in fact widely used in India for person-ality assessment and counseling. By seeing ourselves reflected in our hands, we learn why we succeed in some relationships and not others, and what we can do to strengthen bonds with the most impor-tant people in our lives. With Love in the Palm of Your Hand, you can:

* learn from your destiny line if you are receptive to someone entering your life

* recognize when single islands on the Saturn, Sun, or Mercury mounts suggest a need to express emotions, develop a more forgiving najure, or be more open with others.

* Know why you attract certain relationships, based on patterns on your heart line, allowing you to make better-informed choices

* tune in to the degree of energy and stamina operating in your life, as reflected by your Mars galaxy

* discover the degree to which you are receptive to your innate spirituality, as indicated by the development of your Sun line.

 With hundreds of examples of actual palm prints that allow you to become familiar with different personality types, and an inked acetate pad that you can use to print and read your own palms or those of a friend or loved one, Love in the Palm of Your Hand is your key to enriching the most important relationships in your life."

 Ghanshyam Singh Birla founded The National Research Institute for Self-Understanding and The Palmistry Center in Montreal, Canada, in 1972. Dr. Birla has lectured extensively and written numerous articles and texts on the powerful insights of the Vedic sciences. He has appeared on Good Morning America and The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Recently, Dr. Birla inaugurated a 300-acre estate near Montebello, Quebec, to serve as an international facility for studies and services in Vedic palmistry and astrology.