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Longevity [English]

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Analysis of Longevity - This book contains all methods of determination of longevity of a native. Calculation of the longevity of a native is not an easy task. All expert astrologers believe that before interpreting a horoscope it is essential to determine the longevity of native. There are different methods of determining longevity but none of them can be termed as very accurate so it shall be better to follow various methods. In the field of astrology and especially in determining the longevity of a native the role of intuition is most important. Astrologer can develop intution by continous meditation and other spiritual practices. One should remember it always that nobody can control life and death. There is only one method of giving shape to ouir future and that is to bring improvement in our deeds. The summary of our scriptures is embedded in two words- Punya(holy/sacred/meretorious action) and Paap(sin). Our whole existence revolves around these two words only. it is the proposal of the author to keep it in the background of this book. This book contains all imjportant methods of determination of longevity of a native.