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Lal Kitab - Application of Principles and Curative Measures [English]

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Lal Kitab- Application of Principles and Curative Measures ( English )

In short, Lal Kitab is a body of knowledge that helps to construct birth chart and lunar chart with the help of lines on the palm, photo and dwelling place also. In case there is any difficulty in smooth running of life, Lal Kitab suggests very ordinary and inexpensive curative measures in the light of influence of the planets and houses. However, the present work deals with the astrological aspect only.

It also endeavours to rectify the Lagna, so called Ascendant, of the birth chart that has been cast according to the tenets of astrology and knowledge of concrete events of life. Thereafter, the annual charts can be prepared unto 120th year of age with the help of matrix given in the end of this book. Ephemeris is not required for preparation of annual charts.

While delving into annual charts as per Lal Kitab, one would notice that the planets are independent of their transit and motion. So much so that Rahu and Ketu , which are always 180 degrees apart from each other may not hold this situation in the annual chart  of Lal Kitab.