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Laghu Parashari [English]

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Essence of the Book

The famous astrological scripture 'Ududayapradeepa' is popularly known as 'Laghu Parashari'. This scripture comprises of important Shlokas which are helpful in forming principles of prediction based on Parashar System and Vimshottari Dasha. There is a total of42 Shlokas in Laghu Parashari and these are based on astrological treatise Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra written by Sage Parashar. Laghu Parashari is a unique collection of important principles which are necessary to understand to predict house specifc results. This entire book is divided into 5 chapters. Out of 42 Shlokas, the first 5 Shlokas are introductory Shlokas, like prayer, prerequisites for readers, purpose of the book and source of the Shlokas etc. The second chapter has 8 Shlokas that mainly contain definitions and principles of auspicious/inauspicious houses and houselords. The third chapter contains 9 Shlokas that mainly define the importance of yogas created through associations between lords of Angle and Trine houses. The fourth chapter contains 6 Shlokas that mainly define Marakas (death-inflicting planets) houses and sequence of death-inflicting Dashalords. The last chapter contains a unique collection of 14 Shlokas that form a solid base for predicting through Vimshottari Dasha. In annexure, a brief summary of all Shlokas is provided so that readers can quickly review the important astrological principles time and again. In order to eliminate the linguistic complexity, each original Shloka has first been first formulated in a simple sentence form (prose). Then, each Sanskrit word has been translated for precise conceptual understanding. Thereafter, translation of each Shloka is given in simple words, followed by a detailed commentary. The commentary is supported by many tables and more than 100 examples so that readers can understand each Shloka in-depth and feel motivated to contribute to Astrology.