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Kp'S Timing Of Events (Part 1-2-3)
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KP's Timing of Events (Part 1, 2, 3) [English]

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I always keep an Atomiser with me for my Bronchial Asthma. It is an apparatus to pump liquid medicine. In the form of spray directly into the lungs. It consists of a rubber bulb and a glass syphon. Generally the rubber bulb gets worn out in due course of its use and bursts in one year. I got an Atomiser from Cuttack through my friend. After a few days when my previous Atomiser became spoiled, I started using the new one at 10-21 a.m. on Tuesday 12-2-1980 at Khurda Road. I noted the time when I put it to use for the first time particularly to know its length of life. That means I wanted to know how long it will serve me. A few days afterwards I prepared the horoscope for the time of using the Atomiser and arrived at the conclusion that the Atomiser should go out of order between 13-4-1980 and that too when I will be away from Head Quarters. The Atomiser bulb got punctured at 11-55 p.m. (Night) on 18-4-1980 at Srikakulam and became unserviceable.

The details are given below. Tables of Houses, Mahabala's Advance Ephemeris for 1971-80 and Krishnamurti Padhdhati Ayanamsa 23°29' are used to cast the chart.