Kp Astrology: the Hidden Secrets [English]
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Kp Astrology: the Hidden Secrets [English]

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KP Astrology: The Hidden Secrets by

Rahul Kaushik

Publisher: Notion Press

This book is dedicated to my Guru Shri KN Rao ji with whose blessing and guidance I am able to write this book on KP astrology. He is the one true inspiration in my life. My true astrological journey started when I attended international astrology course conducted by Bhartiya vidya bhavan in October 2013 under the guidance of Shri KN Rao ji.
My greatest thanks to my whole family specially my wife Mrs. Vidhi tyagi for un conditional support and sacrifice in my astrological journey. Also I would like to thank my real friends Anil Malik , Mahesh Soni & Amit Tiwari for always encouraging me to march ahead in the field of astrology.
Apart from the above said names , my student are also being a driving force in my life. Without their love and support. it was not possible for me to think beyond the traditional rules of astrology.
Last but not the least, I thank Late Sh. KS Krishnamurthy ji & Late Sh. Suresh Saharshney ji for their greatest contribution to KP astrology.