Kota Chakra and Sanghatta Chakra [English]
Kota Chakra and Sanghatta Chakra [English]
Kota Chakra and Sanghatta Chakra [English]
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Kota Chakra and Sanghatta Chakra [English]

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PREFACE BY THE AUTHOR Planets speak many languages. The language of 'Chakras' is one of them. A 'Chakra' is a special arrange-ment of rashis or nakshatras which simplifies the study of transits for a specific purpose. Kota Chakra is one of the several chakras in astrology and it is this Chakra which is discussed in the present book. Taking ' Janma Nakshatra' as starting point, Kota Chakra is an arrangement of 28 nakshatras in such a way that more sensitive nakshatras are differentiated from less sensitive nakshatras so that effects of transit of planets in various nakshatras on the health and happyness of a person can be properly studied. Study of this book will help one in getting an answer to the following questions: (1) What is Kota Chakra? Which segments of Kota Chakra are more sensitive and which are less sensitive (Chapter -1 and Chapter-2) (2) What do we mean by malefic transit in Kota Chakra? (Chapter-3) • (3) What will be the nature of malefic effects? (i.e. disease, type of disease, death, accident, suicide men-tal torture etc.). This aspect is discussed in detail in the remaining chapters (i.e. Chapter-4 to Chapter - 6) Various aspects of uses of Kota Chakra are thoroughly illustrated with practical examples. Brief summary of the events covered and principles applied is given here in tabular form to give a first hand view of the book to the readers.