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Know About Remedies (Mantras, Yantras, Gems, Lal Kitab, Colour Therapy, Rudraksh, Vastushastra) [English]

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Know About Remedies (Mantras, Yantras, Gems, Lal kitab, Colour  Therapy, Rudraksh, Vastushastra)

In this book he has dwelt with the various remedies ranging from yoga, mantra, pooja, colour therapy and other methods. This is a comprehensive book where the remedies have been related to various planets and their effect. The author has tried to compile the various remedies that are available in the public domain and that have been learnt from experience so that it could be beneficial to both the common man and those interested in the science of  astrology.

This is the eleventh book of the author, the first being Bhrigu Samhita; Predictive Techniques Deciphered; second, know about Jupiter & Saturn; third, know about Mars & Mercury; fourth, your profession; Ups & Downs with Remedial Measures; fifth, Relationship ; Marriage Love & Sex; Sixth, know about Luminarious;  The Sun & The Moon; Seventh, know about Astrology; complete Guide to Self Learning Course in Astrology; eighth, know about Transit; ninth, Medical Astrology; and the tenth being know about Rahu & Ketu.