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Indian Astrology [English]

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KrishKrishnasKrishnasamShri C. J. Krishnasamy_s work on Bharatiya Jyotisha Shastra is the quintessence of his experienceof more than forty years.He is a very leading and senior practitioner of this science and has examined numerous horoscopes. He has been connected with the Bombay Astrological Society (established in 1892 AD. and

affiliated to the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan since 1944 mo.) as an Hon. Professor for more than a decade and has delivered highly interesting and instructive lectures to students who have heard him with rapt attention. As a matter of fact, the publication of this work is more due to the insistence of his students who have desired to have his instructions in a consolidated book form.


The method adopted by Shri Krishnasamy is very simple. To a bare horoscope he applies certain -set rules and the intricate planetary positions begin to appear amazingly clear. Shri Krishnasamy’ s exposition is simple and yet it appears novel.

All the rules which he applies have a basis in ancient texts Shri Krishnasamy lays the greatest emphasis on the strength

of Lagnadhipati. He adds that it must be well placed from the Yogakaraka. If the Lagnadhipati, whether a benefic or malefic  is in evil houses, then it should have the aspect or conjunction of malefics only. An exalted Lagnadhipati would lose its strength if aspected even by a beneiic which happens to rule a bad house. The Lords of the 6th, 8th and 12th housess should  be as weak as possible. Venus in the 12th house from Lagna is very good; with the Lord of the 12th house, Venus in the 32th house is still better.

While examining a Bhava all other allied Bhavas need analysis. A Bhava indicates many things but each particular aspect which is being examined needs several considerations, including the position of the Karaka for that Bhava.