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Impact of Rahu & Ketu (Based on Systems Approach for Interpreting Horoscopes) [English]

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IMPACT Of Rahu & Ketu ( Based On Systems Approach For Interpreting Horoscopes )

A Book for the study of the role of Rahu and Ketu in Horoscope Analysis, Ascendant-wise and House-wise impact of Rahu and Ketu, Problems in Marriage and Child Birth, Infancy, Accidents, Critical Illnesses, Transits, Oath-taking Charts, etc.

The book covers nearly all dimensions and facets of impacts of Rahu and Ketu. It is a very interesting book on Rahu and Ketu, to be read with patience. One may find several methods to give correct and precise prediction, putting a fresh breeze for examining their assimilation in traditional astrological thoughts.

The impact of Rahu and Ketu is a key analytical factor in the interpretation of horoscopes. Whenever the chart is brought up for interpretation, the analysis starts with the impact of the functional malefic planets and especially that of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu become the key factor as they can impact six houses and the planets placed therein, if the placement of Rahu and Ketu is on or close to the most effective points of the houses of their placement. This placement can bring frequent challenges in life and threatens longevity. The close impact of Rahu on otherwise strong planets brings ambitiousness, greed, recklessness, short lived materialistic prosperity, incidence of addictions and medication