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How to Read a Birth Chart (Vedic Astrology Made Simple) [English]

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How to Read A Birth Chart ( Vedic Astrology Made Simple )

This is a primer for a lay man to pick up a rudimentary knowledge of Indian astrology. Interest in Indian astrology has shown an astounding upsurge in the recent years. Books on the technical aspect of the subject are available in good number, but for a person who wishes to start from the very beginning.. the choice is very limited. There is a feeling of void. The need of a book that avoids the jargon and that in simple language takes the reader through the fundamentals of the subject was Iong felt. The author has tried to fill the gap. A person, wishing to learn Indian astrology, can now do so by going through this small but very comprehensive book. It lays bare the essential principles of Indian astrology necessary to understand the intricacies of a birth chart.