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How to Analyse Married Life [English]

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How to Analyse Married Life

The marriage is an institution for continuance of mankind. Those blessed with a peaceful and happy married life contribute for the growth of the society. Inharmonious relationship turns the life into a curse.

Astrology helps in avoiding the exceedingly harmful events by matching the horoscopes for mental compatibilities and advising strengthening  of the weak planets. Astrology gives insight into the matters of harmony, progeny health, longevity, wealth and spiritual progress. Astrological advice and astral remedies provide mental strength to the person for steering the life without the stresses and strains.

The book discusses planetary influences for a happy married life. The book also brings out the planetary influences for widowhood, divorce, inharmonious relationship, lack of progeny, etc, Through case studies besides discussing the concept of manglik dosh. There is a special chapter on application of Astrological Remedial Measures.