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Horary Astrology [English]

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ALTHOUGH I have devoted the major portion of my energies to the study of Natal Astrology, the fact cannot be ignored that Horary Astrology also has its place in our studies. In fact, I feel that the series of Astrological Manuals now before the public would be incomplete if it did not include one dealing with this branch of the subject, and as I was powerfully impressed to commence the present work in the hour of Jupiter, at a time when this planet was in its exaltation and favourably aspected, I anticipate for it a very appreciative recep-tion.

It should be stated here that a study of Horary Astrology forms the first step towards what is a far more important consideration, namely what is termed by astrologers the "election" of a suitable time for the commencement of any undertaking in which success is especially desired. For there is undoubtedly a time and a season for all things, and those who cannot by intuition divine this right time for themselves will find both Horary Astrology and its sister study, Elections, of immense value to them.

In this Second Edition, so soon called for, it has not been deemed needful to make any alterations, though one or two additions have been made.