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Hora Astro Numerology [English]

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Prof. Ashok Bhatia was a lecturer in the Commerce Department. He is founder chairperson of International School of Vedic Astro Numerology (ISVAN) and is actively working as the Chief Controller of Examination of All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies (AIFAS).

For the last 33 years, Prof. Ashok Bhatia has been investigating, researching and exploring the new concepts, principles, and approaches to Numerology and has extensively researched on the subject matter to identify the ways in which the conventional scheme, rules and nuances of numerology can be applied in today's times. His research on Vedic Numerology and its applications are defined and detailed in his authored book 'Vedic Astro Numerology - I & 2, while in Prashna Ank Jyotish' (Horary based on time), he explains the process of obtaining solutions to questions related to life through simple numerology fundamentals.

This book 'HORA ASTRO NUMEROLOGY' features the comprehensive process of creating a Flora Numeric birth chart based on the birth date, day and time and also explains in detail the placements and effects of the 9 Houses, 9 Numbers and the 9 Planets on a person's life.