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Hindu Gods Goddesses Spiritual and Scientific Approach [English]

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  1. Why is it that different Hindu gods and goddesses though essentially spiritual, possess human attribtutes?
  2. Why is it that they possess various Forms, clothes, weapons and vehicles?
  3. Why is it that Durva, a holy grass is dear to Shri Ganesh?
  4. Why is it that Vilva Patra is dear to Lord Shiva?
  5. Why is it that the Goddess's body is coloured red?
  6. Why is it that Saraswati, the goddess of learning, dons white clothes and holds a white lotus?
  7. Why is it that Lord Krishna carries a conch shell and Chakra in his right hand?
  8. Why is it that Shri Hanuman carries a mace in his hands?
  9. Why is it that Goddess Shitala uses a donkey as her vehicle?
  10. Why is it that Ram holds a bow and arrows in his hands?
  11. Why is it that symbolic meaning of Trishula (trident)?
  12. Why is it that Kartikeya has six heads?
  13. Why is it that image worship is so common among Hindu?
  14. Do gods and goddesses reside in icons?
  15. Why is it that Vishnu assumes Virat Roop?
  16. Why is it that Siva, Hanuman and Gayatri go with five heads?
  17. What is the symbolical meaning of Ardhanarishwar?
  18. Why is it that goddess Durga has eight, ten and eighteen arms, as demanded under different situations?
  19. Why is it that the meanings of the words Sita and Aum are similar?
  20. Why is it that Hanuman holds mountains in his hands?
  21. Why is it that Brahma has four heads?
  22. Why is it that Vishnu takes the form of Varah (Boar)?
  23. Why is it that there are innumerable gods and goddesses in India?
  24. Why is it that Kuber, being the deity of wealth has an ugly face?
  25. Why is it that Balram holds a plough as his weapon?
  26. What is Kundalini?
  27. Why does Lord Shiva ride on a bull?
  28. What is Saptaghrit Matrika?
  29. What is the Significance of sodas Matrika?
  30. What are .Iyotirlingas & Shaktipeethas?