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Hindu Astrology and the West [English]

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AFTER the first edition was published in 1969, I visited U.S.A., Europe, Japan, etc., in October 1970 with Mrs. Rajeswari Raman, alone in April 1971, and in October 1972 and with Mrs. Raman in May 1981 delivering lectures, addressing group-meetings and holding dis-cussions with scientists and leading astrological savants. In fact the highlights of these visits were the opportunity given to me to deliver a lecture at the United Nations, New York; and successful demonstra-tion--lectures by Mrs. Rajeswari Raman in Europe and America on Yoga, and the interest she was able to create in the minds of ladies in these countries for a correct appreciation of Yoga in the daily life of a woman.

The special features of this edition are : (1) A new chapter on our 1981 visit giving details of our meeting with Swami Muktananda in,his Asram at South Falsburg, New York; (2) Publishing in full two of my important lectures delivered at London on "Nadi Astrology" and "The Techniques of Prediction". These lectures will go a long way in enabling the reader to understand the significance of Nadi Astrology and the Shodasavargas. How the average Western citizen reacts to Hindu Astrology and how Western astrologers have begun to appreciate the importance of Hindu Astrology, as compared to their own systems, have been clearly ex-plained in these pages. It is a matter of gratification that it was possible for me to make the Western astrological savants conscious of the pracitical utility of the Hindu system. It is my hope that my impressions recorded in these pages and the responses of the Western audience to my appeal for an objective consideration of Hindu Astrology will be viewed with indulgence by my esteemed readers, especially because of my frank assessment of the relative merits of the Hindu and the western systems of Astrology and the values and ways of life.