Healing Touch of Medical Astrology [English]
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Healing Touch of Medical Astrology [English]

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Healing touch of medical astrology unravels the humane face of medical astrology. The renowned astrologer – duo lay bare the correlation between the malefic configurations and combinations of the planets and the presence of life threatening and incurable diseases signified in the horoscope.

The book in investigative spirit undertakes to study the horoscope of a renowned spiritual healer Dr. Mulk Raj Dass, whose “ live Energy” healing brought countless incurable patients back to health and happiness. It then proceeds to study as many as Cancer, Aids,MND,Cerebral palsy etc.

Inspired as the authors are to present unique yet authentic research study of cases of human beings suffering from several life threatening diseases, they found a rare opportunity in the gatherings of patients at Mussorie, where the renowned healer Dr. Mulk Raj Dass treated them by means of “ Live Energy”. These patients had lost all hopes of a normal and healthy life, yet on receiving the life –giving touch therapy they got a new lease of life.

Both the super healer and the medley crowed of the seekers of healing and the already healed have one thing in common planets as determinates of human suffering caused by life- threatening diseases. The authors investigate the horoscopes of both the super healer and the seekers of healing and the already healed bring out the message that planets determine human destiny without exception and that on receiving subtle signals it is wise to plan out treatment in a holistic manner.

The book includes life saving devices to avert and overcome the adverse impact of malefic configurations and combinations of planets, so that life may go on with sound health and happiness – the very aim of the humane discipline of Medical Astrology.