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Golden Rules of Vastu Shastra Remedies and Solutions [English]

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        Golden Rules of Vastu Shastra: Remedies and Solutions is an in-depth study of the science and art of Vastu Shastra and presents its concepts and practices in a manner that does not leave any unresolved questions. The book is structured in a way that guides the readers through different stages of the shastra so that they understand the principles of one topic and their application before moving on to the next. The text presents the topics in a lucid and comprehensive manner, is unique in concept and suggests remedies and solutions at every stage. The step-by-step presentation starts with selecting a site or a house, and then undertaking its construction and planning the interiors, keeping in mind the principles of Vastu. The section on 'vastu solutions' explains the usage of colour therapy, harmonization techniques and space enhancers to improve the inflow of auspicious energy in the house. The book adopts a holistic approach to Vastu Shastra and incorporates remedies and corrections as per astrology, colour therapy, crystal healing, space harmonization and Feng Shui. A section deals with solutions for promoting marital harmony, wealth, family peace, de-stressing and happiness, and can be used as a ready reckoner for difficult issues in everyday life.

        Suman Pandit, a post-graduate in Marketing Management and Public Relations, a Vedic scholar and exponent of Vastu, has the rare distinction of being proficient in astrology and Vastu Shastra. A Jyotisha Praveena and Jyotisha Vishard from ICAS, she is a reputed consultant in astrology and Vastu, besides being a regular columnist in leading dailies. Her interviews have appeared in print and electronic media and she has been conferred the title of 'Vastu Acharya' by the All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies. At present, Suman Pandit is actively engaged in lecturing and conducting workshops on Vastu and is on the panel of experts of, the astrology website of The Times of India. This is her third book on Vastu, the other two being Vastu for Homes and Vastu for Workplace, besides two books in Hindi, Grih Vastu and Karyasthal Vastu.