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Fundamentals of Nakshatra Astrology (Volume 1) [English]

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About th Book The life of a man is connected to his karma phala or results of his good or bad deeds. The horoscope chart is a telling factor of such a concept. Mother supplies egg. Father supplies sperm. Death isnot end of anything, nor is birth beginning of a life.They are just temporary segregation caused by the karma phala of a soul. When we die the death is not for the soul, but it is only for the body. Soul never dies; instead item anticipates; only to take birth again. The body is created temporarily for holding the soul inside the body. It is like a sachet or kavach. When the soul departs the body, the body is dead. Nothing belongs to - not even our physical body -as everything belongs to the mother-nature. We take birth from mother's womb and when we die, we go into the lap of mother earth. The sperm is the soul and soul emancipates and reaches Him, the almighty merits of our karma in the just concluded life.