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Events & Nativities [English]

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The book is intended to fulfill three objects, firstly to furnish in one place the horoscopes having an important beating on the multifarious fields of activity of man, so that the reader has the basic material before him for his own independent studies and research in astrology, secondly to present to the reader, for his study as many practical problems and activities of man as is feasible and thirdly to offer to the readers, for their guidance, detailed comments in regard to the astrological justification of the problems and activities so listed.

(2) In offering our comments we have endeavored in this book to stick throughout, to a logical approach of "how and why" to all problems discussed therein. Besides we have adhered as fully as possible to the well recognized principles of the science of astrology as advocated by such savants as the authors of Parashar Hora Shastra, Saravali, Jatak Parijat, Brihat Jatak, Uttar Kalamrit, Phaldeepika, Sarvarth Chintamani etc. etc.. These authors have been quoted by us wherever necessary.

(3) The subject matter of the book is fairly exhaustive and is not confined to the headings given in the chapter dealing with "contents". Even though a horoscope has been dealt with only under one heading such as "abdication" etc., the prominent events of the famous nativity involved have also been commented upon in detail. Hence in order to have a better idea of the contents of this book, it would be advisable to consult the index which not only gives the names of prominent persons whose nativities have been discussed in the book, but also many matters of daily practical interest.

(4) In short the idea has been to help students in a practical way in the art of divination of horoscopes.