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Enlightenment: the Ultimate Freedom [English]

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Enlightenment: the Ultimate Freedom [English] by

Osho Shailendra

Publisher: Oshodhara

‘Enlightenment: The Ultimate Freedom’ is the compilation of 12 unique discourses of Sadguru  Osho Siddrathji.

I call these discourses ‘Unique’, because in almost every discourses, complete map of spiritual journey is available. Mostly, saints give some indications of inner journey in their discourses, not the entire map. They take reference of a subject or scripture and give its interpretation. The listener becomes mesmerized that what a brilliance ! He gets into inferiority complex. He thinks that I do not know anything. He becomes mesmerized, but his welfare does not happen. He himself says.

“ I do not want to mesmerize people. I do not want you to think about myself that this man is very learned, very knowledgeable. I do not want to be seen on such a  height that you hesitate in extending your hand towards me. I want to present myself equivalent to you, so that you can give your hand in my hand. So, every time I give the total map. This is one of my special habits because. I, myself, wandered mostly due to this. Wandered a lot! I got aggrieved from this deviation. And, I hindered a lot. The irritation of this deviation remained. So, I do not want any one to face this pain that I have received from this deviation, from this hindrance. Therefore, in nearly every discourses. I give almost the comprehensive map.  I give it in various styles. Any concept can appeal or suit someone. So, I want to provide the complete map of spiritual journey. I would also like to discuss about the hindrances and deviations.“