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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Prashna [English]

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Prashna or Horary that has been dealt in this book is the most important branch of Astrology. In Prashna which primarily deals with the query of a native, the whole method is simple and not dependent on time accuracy nor on the assumptions. The rules of Prashna are simple. The only thing that has to be understood is there applicability with a sound judgment methodology. The book deals with Prashna or queries like marriage, divorce, love, theft, conflicts, litigations disease, career, foreign travel & other issues that are common issues / queries. Endeavor has been to be more aligned to issues that are relevant today. The book contains chapters, examples and explanations that are logical & scientific. Readers will find this book simple and easy to understand and open avenue to do more research in the horary branch of astrology