Encyclopaedia of Indian Astrology [English]
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Encyclopaedia of Indian Astrology [English]

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The most exhaustive information on various aspects of Indian Astrology.

More than 300 full length articles, 15,000 words relating to Indian Astrology, 300 tables of various astrological data, comprehensive and exhaustive information on Prasna and Ashtamangala branch of Indian Astrology, different systems of Indian Astrology, Combinations based on various astrological concepts extracted from Indian classics on Astrology in Sanskrit like Parasara hoara,Jathakapaarijatja, Brihathjathakam, Varahahoara,Saaravali,Krishneeyam, Prasnamarga and Tamil classics on Indian astrology.comprising a detailed description of the concepts encompassing the various branches of Indian Astrology.

These well edited articles on various branches of Indian Astrology, various planetary combinations and possible predictions based on these planetary positions and other aspects are dealt exhaustively in the encyclopaedia. The various astrological combinations and their results enable the easy prediction of astrological results. More than 10000 combinations analysed with prediction.