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Domestic Vastu [English]

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Vastu is the most ancient science which has been mentioned in Rigveda. Our Rishis and Yogis were always concerned about making human life easy, simple and progressive. The principles of vastu are scientific. In ancient times when students used to study 64 genres of education in Gurukul, that time also vastu was one of the famous genre.

One enjoys high life conditions with good health and spiritual enrichment in life if he stays in a place the atmosphere of which contains all these five elements of nature. The favourable and unfavourable events are integral pad of life and that is the ultimate truth of life. Destiny plays a very important role in a life, however we should perform our karmas as directed by classical texts.

Our ancestors had extraordinary understanding of the unseen power embedded in the elements of the universe and they tried to use the power for the benefit of the mankind. They had immense potential to dig out the cosmic power and redirect the influences of gravitational and magnetic effect. Vastu shastra is a mysterious and detailed subject which has become relevant in modern times for everybody. We do not become the victim of vastu faults if we apply the fundamentals of vastu shastra in building construction. We can get rid of vastu related faults.