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Charisma of Upchaya Houses [English]

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As per classics there could be four goals in human life- Dharma, Artha, Kaam & Moksha. However in the materialistic world of today, most of us think, plan and act of / for Artha & Kaam only. Artha covers any / all activities connected with finance & livelihood and Kaam includes all types of desires e.g. sex, comforts and luxuries.

Upchaya literally means growth, accumulations, elevation, expansion, improvement, rise, aspiration, profit, gain, prosperity or excess of inflow without much effort and at a much faster rate. Upchaya group of houses contains the best of Artha & Kaam Trikones by excluding their Marka houses (2nd & 7th) and thus includes 3rd, 6th , 10th, & 11th houses. The rest of the houses are called Apchaya houses. The beauty of Upchaya houses is that even natural malefics produce excellent results here. They indicate growth & gain of any or all desires-whether good or evil.

Every desire originates in 3rd house. It is nurtured by strong determination & hard work of 3rd house, pointed concentration & competitiveness of 6th house and 10th house provides controlled Kriyaman Karma to enable desire to be fulfilled in 11th house. Every planet associated with 11th house ensures gain/ profit in its own way. The progress which human beings have made so far, can be attributed to these fighting qualities only. The 6th is a Trika house and 11th a Badhak house for movable lagans. However, this book highlights only the positive aspects of Upchaya houses.