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Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (2 Volume Set) [English]

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Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra (2 Volume Set) (English)

One can safely say that hindu astrology took its birth through the teachings of parasara, the sage of sages. The sage laid down the various principles in his hora sastra through his divine knowledge while instructing his disciple, the illustrious maitreya. All later authors like varaha mihira, prithu yasas, kalyana varma etc. Thoroughly digested the sage's principles before they compiled their works. The present translation in english is the first ever attempt in the press. To speak briefly of the work, it deals with all the required basic aphorisms of predictive astrology and advanced principles as well. Some highlights of the work are : sixteen vargas of rasis, their use, aspects of rasis, infant evils, results of 12 bhavas, longevity, results of bhava lords' positions in other bhavas, effects of upagrahas, padas, karakamsa, rajayogas, combinations causing poverty, effects of various planetary avasthas, chara dasa, sookshma dasa, detailed effects of nakshatra dasa, kala chakra dasa etc., ashtaka varga scheme, female horoscopy, lost horoscopy, planetary rays, and various afflictions like solar ingression, eclipses, moola nakshatra etc. The present english translation is fully supported by enlighten-ing explanations and quotations from various rare authoritative classic texts so that even an average student can usefully and clearly understand the principles to be applied to a practical horoscope. This work, the most sought after, is capable of filling the much felt void and is highly instructive

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