Book 29: The Special Dashas [English]
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Book 29: The Special Dashas [English]

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Book 29: The Special Dashas [English] By Sarajit Poddar

Publisher: Notion Press

After covering the foundation of the Dashas and Vimshottari Dasha in the previous volume, this book covers several other Dashas. This includes Cara Dasha, Ayusha Dashas, Moola Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Sudarshana Cakra Dasha, and other Dashas such as Kendradi Rashidasha and Drgdasha. The Kendradi Rashi Dasha covers Lagna Kendradi Rashidasha, Karaka Kendradi Rashidasha, and Sudasha. The Sudasha is used for timing wealth, and it commences from the Shrilagna.

The Ayusha Dashas contain several Dashas related to longevity and death. They cover Dashas such as Niryana Dasha, Brahma Dasha, Shoola Dasha, Niryana Shoola Dasha, Sthira Dasha, Navamsha Dasha, and Mandooka Dasha. The Mandooka Dasha is specifically used along with a special Varga called the Rudramsha. Some of these Dashas are also covered in the book on Jaiminisutra.

In this book, I tried to bring forth the computation and usage of the lesser-used Dashas. I hope earnest seekers will appreciate this effort and also benefit from it.