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Astrology Seers - A Guide to Vedic Hindu Astrology [English]

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Excerpts from reviews; " Not only is the Astrology of the Seen a good introduction to Hindu Jyotisha, but it is also a mine of information on the subject."

GAYATRI DEVI VASUDEV, Editor of the Astrological Magazine

'The Astrology of the Seen is a great introduction to Vedic astrology and, most importantly, clearly presents its spiritual and yogic basis. I recommend the book to everyone looking for a good place to approach this profound system of life-analysis."

CHAKRAPANI ULLAI, World Renowned Vedic Astrologer

"The Astrology of the Seers is already considered to be a classic text in the field and a solid cornerstone for any Vedic science library. The chapter on remedial measures for strengthening planetary energies is a uniquely valuable resource guide for inner healing."

DENNIS M. HARNESS, Ph.D., Author of The Nakshatras

 'The book surveys a very long span of both Time and Space. It discusses, even at times compares, the ancient literature of the Greeks, of the Vedic seers and of the other old civilizations like the Egyptian. The author deserves congratulations for attempting to tread a long and mysterious path of Astrology which is strewn with great difficulties and unexpected problems. The book deserves a place in every scientific library."