Astrology for 21st Century [English]
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Astrology for 21st Century [English]

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The commencement of any astrological synthesis has to be clubbed to the classic texts. However it needs modifications and changes in the light of the changing times to fit in with the present century needs, with out disturbing its original astrological essence, which has a base with the spiritual insight of the sages, who have provided this treasure of knowledge to the humanity, with an absolute accuracy to the last degree and digit of its composition. The author has compiled this book with great hard work and inquisitive research in the field of astrology and its application in its various parameters and facets. These age old classic principles have been defined and explained with due care and caution and while explaining various astrological principles in this book, these principles have been synthesized and explained in detail, for applying these predictions to various horoscopes in its totality. This book has been compiled with a view to throw a full and vivid light on all the facets of astrology right from the Nakshatras to various Bhavas, Planets and their characteristics, the role of these planets in different bhavas, in different signs, in different astrological strengths, including their detailed exponential applied coverage about the interpretation of various planets in various Bhavas, Signs and Nakshatras. A broader distinction is also mentioned in this book in different chapters between the Western astrology and the Vedic astrology.