Aspects, Combustion, Debilitation & Dispositors (Predictive Technique) [English]
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Aspects, Combustion, Debilitation & Dispositors (Predictive Technique) [English]

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A birth chart consists of planets, signs, nakshatras, and houses. The interface of these elements indicates the qualities, characteristics and the course of life of an individual. The more we try to learn about these fundamentals the better would we be qualified to decipher a chart. 

Certain aspects of these fundamentals have been taken up for study in this book. Combustion of planets, their debilitation, their aspects and their role as dispositors have been studied in detail. Drawing on the knowledge available in the classics these issues have been explained in detail in this book. A large number of illustrations drawn from real life have been used to explain and support the statements. In many respects the explanations throw new light on and reveal new facets of these fundamentals. This will aid the astrologer in analysing a chart correctly and in more depth.