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Ashtamangala Prasna - Horary In Indian Astrology
  • SKU: KAB0921

Ashtamangala Prasna - Horary in Indian Astrology [English]

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  • Publisher: CBH
  • ISBN: KAB0921

Interrogation or horary Astrology- This is the most popular and useful branch of astrology. In this branch, the client approaches the astrologer with a question about the future of an idea in his mind. On this the Astrologer notes the time of question and calculates the position of planets for that time, prepares a chart and based on the cannons of Astrology, predicts good or bad for the querist. If the planets are in good position and strong, he predicts positive results and if planets are weakly placed predicts negative results. In this branch any subject of the querist's choice can be made the topic of question.This branch and its applications are very vast. Here only the mention about this branch is being made because it is dealt in detail in the inside pages of this text.