Aroma of Ramala Jyotisha [English]
Aroma of Ramala Jyotisha [English]
Aroma of Ramala Jyotisha [English]
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Aroma of Ramala Jyotisha [English]

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Aroma of Ramala Jyotisha [English] By

SC Mishra (Suresh Chandra Mishra)

Publisher : Pranav Publications

The Ramala Jyotisha has its roots in a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Goddess Paarvati describing simple guidelines on the Prashna principle. According to the Shiva Purana, the term Ramala is known as Lord Shiva himself expressed similar to infinite, sky or zero. Right from the Sage Garga, a vast literature on Ramala is written in Sanskrit and also in many foreign languages. The book containing the aroma of all available literature on this principle elucidates:

  • The easiest methods of learning and practicing the Ramala:
  • Almost seven easy methods of practice without use of any dice;
  • No breach of original rules;
  • All the sixteen charts in a ready-to-use format are given;
  • Easy methods for tackling queries of weird nature;
  • The Shakala or figures are explained in simple words;
  • Separate chapter is devoted to all the sixteen houses covering queries relevant to a house;
  • Application of Ramala to a natal chart is also shown with actual example horoscopes;
  • Similarly Ramala techniques applying to the Varshaphala chart and the Ramala Numerologyare also included; The work is enriched with plenty of real examples;
  • Useful tables for merger of figures and their final complex figures are there in the appendix;
  • The work includes popularArabic terms and their Sanskrit equals;
  • Many miscellaneous techniques like analysing Ramala chart with the first figure and its planetary lord only are explained;
  • Mantra for obtaining proficiency in the principle and several easy methods, easy-to-use, even by a novice are discussed;
  • The book is equally useful for beginners, researchers, practitioners and teachers.