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Annual Horoscope: Varshaphala Or Tajak [English]

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Annual Horoscope (Varshaphala or Tajak )

Varshaphala or Annual Horoscope, which is also known as Tajak system, is one of the three branches of Astrology. Tajak in Arabic means horse. It is, therefore, said that among other system this system runs like a horse or it is superior to others. This system has influence of foreign elements, as yogas used another school of thought, which thinks that it is indigenous in nature, as the Dasas system used is totally Indian in origin.

The other two systems are;

  1. Parasari
  2. Jaimini

Out of all the three, the Parashara is the soul and source of all the systems; the others are subordinate to it. It is said, “what is not is Parashara is not anywhere else”.

Following are the main features of Tajak, Annual Horoscope or varshaphala.  it is sometimes called progressed horoscope also.